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The French Look

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Be a chic missy with a French manicure. Keep it simple or zest it up with art...


Pearl Bling


Rose Tinted French


SeaBreeze French


Butterfly French, Gold Glitz French, Glitter Embrace French,

Hibiscus French

These have all been painted with enamels from various collections. Acrylic paints and loose glitter have been used for the nail art.


Denim Rose Chevron

Suits You Miss

These have also been done using enamels. The Denim Rose Chevron was used with a blue from the Mien Collection @ M&S, with acrylic painted roses over it and flat rhinestones. The ‘’Suits You Miss’’ was used with Creative Nail Design’s “Voodoo” and “Crème Puff” enamels, topped off with a blue rhinestone from All Things Nails.

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Layla Holzer - Professional Creative Nail Design Master Technician