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ToeNail Art

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Unpolished toes in open toed shoes and funky flipflops just don't look good!! Chic them up with nail enamel, nail art or acrylic!


Turquoise Bling

L&P Overlay on nails. Turquoise mix made from blue, yellow and green mosaics and white metro, with a blend of glitter dusts.



Bollywood Milkshake

L&P overlayed toes. Purple fading into milkshake pink. Th purple is normal purple Mosaic, the pink has been thinly overlayed on the purple, and stretched over the nail. The pink is a mix of red & purple mosaic, white, gold and silver metro, and a blend of glitter dusts.



BubbleGum Smile

L&P overlayed on natural nail. The pink is mixed with various Mosaic and Metro powders by CND, and the pink on zones 2 & 3 is a mix if Flawless pink and Perfect Colour Pink. Flowers are handpainted with acrylic paints.
The brown staining at the bottom of the nail is fake tan!

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Layla Holzer - Professional Creative Nail Design Master Technician